Projco PDU

We are very excited to offer a PDU for Project Cam Opener participants to earn credit and a stipend for their engagement and learning experiences this year! The pertinent information is outlined below, and you can also take a look at the ProjCO PDU Proposal in its entirety.

If you have any questions about registration or the content of the PDU please post them in the Cam Opener Google+ Community!

Registration Instructions

  • Go to the PDU Course Catalog Website
  • Log in using your DPS Single Sign On (Same as your Outlook credentials)
  • Search for the ProjCO PDU
    • In the Instructor dropdown, look for Jessica Raleigh OR
    • In the Course Number dropdown, look for EdTech5757-2Spring2015-16
  • Click “choose” on the left of Project Cam Opener 2015-2016 PDU and then click “register for this class”
  • You should receive an automatic registration confirmation email immediately if registration has been completed properly.


Q: I’m already registered for a different PDU, can I also participate in the ProjCO PDU?
A: Yes! Only 1 PDU can be paid out per year, but your additional credits can be banked each year with stipends to be paid out in future years.

Q: How much will I earn by completing the PDU?
A: The 2015-2016 PDUs will earn a $797.01 salary increase - it will be paid in monthly installments upon submission of proper documentation demonstrating you have met the PDU requirements.  (If you have 15 or more years of credited service, then you will receive a one-time bonus.)

Q: Can I participate in the ProjCO PDU if I work at a Charter School?
A: Employees not in DPS ProComp will not receive the PDU stipend, but you can participate and earn PD credit. Upon completion you’ll receive paperwork that can be submitted with CDE for recertification.

All About the ProjCO PDU

Course Objectives

Participants will be asked to demonstrate professional growth in answering their PPLP (Personalized Professional Learning Plan) Essential Question through the use of video, reflection, and online communities of practice. Each participant will submit their own evidence of professional growth and share how participating in these activities has impacted them and the learners they support.

Course Description

Supported by the Personalized Professional Learning department and their fellow Project Cam Opener participants, each participant’s experience will be slightly different and they will be personalizing the content of their learning based upon their role, the resources available to them, their PPLP (Personalized Professional Learning Plan), and the Essential Question they are addressing throughout the year.

LEAP Framework Alignment

Since Project Cam Opener, and the PDU, are personalized professional learning experiences you will likely be focused on 1-2 individualized LEAP indicators that align to your PPLP and Essential Question for the year. Additionally, we believe all participants who complete the PDU will have focused on High Impact Instructional Moves: (I.5 - I.8) and Professionalism: Effective Collaboration and Engagement (P.3 & P.4) & Thoughtful Reflection, Learning, and Development (P.5 & P.6)

ProjCO PDU Expectations & Timeline

Participation Requirements

Practice Capture & Reflection:

  • Engage in 4 reflective practice cycles (Capture-Reflect-Act) before May 1.
  • Submit mid-year video reflection by January 11
  • Submit end of year video reflection by May 9

Practice Processing (Engagement in Online Community of Practice & Affinity Group):

  • Engage regularly in the Project Cam Opener Google+ Community and Affinity Group...
    • Post videos and ask for feedback
    • Share a tool, resource, or learning experience
    • Comment on posts / provide feedback to others’ video posts
    • Ask a question or Share a celebration

PPLP (Personalized Professional Learning Plan):

  • Use your PPLP, particularly the Essential Question, to guide your engagement throughout the year. The Essential Question should be considered and revisited often, serving as an anchor for your growth and reflection.

#ProjCO 5 Minute Film Festival & CamCon (June):
Participate in one or both events (with support from the PPL team) by…

  • Creating a resource to share with other ProjCO participants
  • Facilitating a PD session or learning experience during the event
  • Submitting a video for the 5 Minute Film Festival

Course Content & Professional Learning Activities

Participants will have access to resources and supports as well as optional meetups and professional learning experiences (online and face to face) addressing Practice Capture, Practice Reflection, and Practice Processing:

Technology Support

  • Use of the Cam Opener toolkit (recording devices) for recording, uploading, sharing of videos
  • Use of Google Classroom and Google+ for online communities of practice
  • Use of YouTube, Swivl Cloud, Google Drive & Google Photos

High Impact Filming for Professional Growth

  • Using video as an integral part of coaching cycles
  • Using video for self-reflection and growth
  • Using video in peer-feedback

Book Discussions on individual chapters of Focus on Teaching: Using Video for High Impact Instruction

  • Chapter 1. The Power of Video
  • Chapter 2. Getting Started With Video-Enhanced Professional Development
  • Chapter 3. Instructional Coaches
  • Chapter 4. Teachers Using Cameras to Coach Themselves
  • Chapter 5. Video Learning Teams (VLTs)
  • Chapter 6. Principals

CamConnect Meetups

Participant Evaluation

Each PDU participant will submit a final portfolio (housed in the Canvas LMS) that will include:

  1. Videos from 2015-2016 (Practice Capture, Practice Reflection, and Practice Processing)
  2. 2015-2016 PPLP Document
    • Original Project Cam Opener proposal
    • Essential Question and documentation of learning process in addressing question throughout the year
    • Documentation from at least 6 reflective practice video cycles
  3. Midyear and End-of-Year Project Cam Opener Reflections
  4. Micro-credentials and/or artifacts from a year of study and learning in relation to:
    • Using video for professional learning, self-reflection, and growth
    • Answering the PPLP Essential Question
  5. Posts and comments from the 2015-2016 online communities of practice