Midyear Reflection

A key element in effective teaching and learning is reflection. While it can be difficult to carve out this time it can be extremely beneficial for learners to gain perspective on where they have come from and to use this information to inform future choices. By taking even just a few minutes to reflect on our learning and teaching practices we often find ways to turn new behaviors into habits and mindsets that benefit the growth of ourselves and the learners we support.

In addition to reflection we believe radical transparency and sharing are fundamental to the success of effective, personalized professional learning. Project Cam Opener aims to bring these elements together in a very real way through the constant investments you each make to yourself, your students, and the teaching practice. To model these beliefs we invite each of you to record a video reflection using the following questions as your guide. Some of you have expressed concerns about your current project status and we would encourage you to not feel poorly about where you are at but to instead use this as an opportunity to refocus, revise your essential goal & PPLP as needed, and to add another video - perhaps your first! - to your YouTube channel and to our community. This is also a great time to attend CamConnect or jump into the Google+ community to receive additional support that can launch you forward in your next steps so you end the year feeling accomplished with your growth this year.

With this in mind, we have tried to make the process for reflecting upon Cam Opener as simple as possible!

Step 1: Record a 5(ish) minute video reflection using the tech tool of your choice
Step 2: Upload your video to YouTube (be sure to set it to “Public”)
Step 3: Share your video reflection & updated essential question in G+

Since everyone’s PPLPs and participation in Project Cam Opener are so personalized, the midyear reflection is one of two times we come together each year as a community to share a video on a single topic during a specific timeframe. Posting your midyear reflection video and essential question in the Google+ community is one of the requirements to fulfill your participation in Project Cam Opener, so we want to make sure you have as much support as possible to complete this process with confidence and ease. Scroll down to see all the resources at your disposal!

Now, the fun part! Follow the instructions below, ask for help when you need it, and be sure to check the G+ community often to watch & comment on one another’s video reflections!

The What:
What will your video reflection be about?

ProjCO Teachers Rock


At its most basic we are just asking for you to create a video that reflects upon your participation in Project Cam Opener (about 5 minutes in length). We have devised a few guiding questions that may help you to make this video more easily. Only one question is required - the others are optional and may be valuable to consider as well.



Required Question:

Tell your Project Cam Opener story up until this point - how has video & reflection changed your practice?

Optional Guiding Questions:

Consider reflecting on one of the optional questions below, or answer one of your own:

  • How could the Personalized Professional Learning team or other participants better support your practice through Project Cam Opener?
  • What are the benefits you have seen for sharing your practice with others through video?
  • What was something that surprised you about your practice after watching yourself on video?
  • What is one thing you want everyone to know that they could only learn directly from observing your classroom or watching your video(s)?
  • What could you not have learned about your practice without observing yourself through video and/or reflecting upon your practice?
  • How have you been able to advocate for, or seen a change in, your practice or professional learning because of your involvement in Cam Opener?

The How:
How will you record and share your video?

ProjCO Reflection BabyThe way you record your midyear reflection video is up to you. We only care that you:

  1. Record a reflection (about 5 minutes long) including the required question above
  2. Post your video (set to “Public”) on your dpsk12.net YouTube channel
  3. Share your video & essential question (update if needed) to Google+
  4. BONUS: Check the community often to be inspired by & comment on one another’s reflections!

Twitter BONUS!
If you have a Twitter account we encourage you to also share your reflection video to #ProjCO and any other communities or PLN (Personal Learning Network) members you'd like. Please note that we will also be posting the Midyear Reflection YouTube Playlist as a way to further share the great thinking and stories from DPS educators, as well as to model transparency and reflection for our wider PLN. If you have any questions about this please don't hesitate to reach out!

Need More Support?!?

Midyear Reflection Process Guides (these help walk you through the technical side of completing your reflection):

Example Midyear Reflection Videos

Here are video examples from last year. You can also check the Google+ Community for examples from fellow participants!

Google+ Community


Make sure to join us at CamConnects if you need support with recording, uploading, or submitting your mid year reflection! These sessions are designed to especially focus on support that ensures all #ProjCO participants submit their mid year reflections with ease and on time!