End Of Year Reflection

Hello & Happy May, Wonderful ProjCO Participants! We are rapidly approaching the last days of school, which means it is time to take a few moments to reflect on this school year and your participation in Project Cam Opener.

Based on your mid year feedback, we are making the end of year process more simplistic. With that in mind, we are asking that everyone complete the following required tasks by June 3rd:

  • Submit feedback on your ProjCO experience with our online form.
  • Record and share an end of year reflection video to the Google+ Community.
All the information you need can be found below, but please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with your questions or concerns by commenting on the pinned post in the Cam Opener Google+ community.

We hope you have an amazing last month of school. Thank you for helping make Project Cam Opener something very special in its 2nd year! We really couldn’t have done it without each of you being so willing to jump in with video and take risks in your practice this year!

- Brandon, Jessica, and Ben


All the details about the end of year reflection including instructions, support materials, and more about the entire process can be found on our website! Click the link below to jump in!



Many of you have started asking about the application process and how you and your colleagues can get involved with ProjCO next year, which is amazing!! Due to budgets and shifting priorities in the district, the program and process will be different next year. We are in the midst of determining how that will look and will be using your feedback from the end of year form to make many of those decisions and ensure ProjCO continues in the most meaningful way possible.As soon as we have more information we will be emailing everyone in the district and sending specific communications to you as a former ProjCO participant. Be on the lookout later this summer for all the details!

Need More Support?!?

End of Year Reflection Process Guides (these help walk you through the technical side of completing your reflection):

Google+ Community