Project Cam Opener

Changes to Project Cam Opener for 2016 – 2017

The following updates were included in the August 2016 newsletter. Click here for the full version.

Through the huge amount of anecdotal evidence and program data we have from the last 2 years, we know that the use of video for reflective practice and capture of classrooms around the district has had an immensely positive impact on DPS students, teachers, school leaders, and coaches. The way video has become an integral part of so many schools and been taken on wholeheartedly by so many of you is nothing short of amazing, and we really have no words to express the deep gratitude and excitement this brings us. We also believe in providing the utmost attention, care, and the same level of dedication we would ask of its’ participants in any project we support. Keeping those values in mind, we will be fundamentally redesigning Project Cam Opener for this coming school year.

The New #ProjCO!

The promise of Project Cam Opener has always been the power of each of you to create videos within your classrooms and schools and share those within the community. This is powerful and we are incredibly lucky to have engaged with you in this process of support and growth. We also know that limited time, resources, and competing priorities make it difficult for each of you to engage in the way you may hope to throughout the year.

Based upon your feedback and excitement we would like to build upon everything from the last 2 years in a different way than we have previously. Rather than focusing upon the requirements of capturing classrooms and reflective practice cycles, we would like to open up the community to support everyone who would like to use video to transform their practice and share their excitement about the many amazing things that video can offer to students, families, and staff.

In 2016-17, we will be utilizing the Twitter hashtag #ProjCO as well as the Google+ Community to share ideas, videos, opportunities, and any discussion topics you want to engage in. We are also looking to schedule several face to face meetups throughout the year where we can come together to share, celebrate, and learn with one another.

This Means:

  • The removal of an application process for taking part in Project Cam Opener
  • The removal of required PPLPs, posting requirements, mid & end of year reflection requirements.

Now, ANY educator can join the community, in DPS and beyond, to encourage a truly open community of practice focused on Video for All Educators.

But what about device toolkits, PD, and ProjCO support?
With the changes taking place and the new focus on ALL educators being invited to participate in the community, we are shifting towards a model that encourages video and image capture using existing equipment and devices. This means using mobile phones, tablets, laptop webcams, and the multitude of Project Cam Opener equipment that is already in schools around DPS.

The PPL website has LOTS of resources, tutorials, and supporting documentation to assist you in beginning, or continuing, your journey with reflective practice video. You can also post questions and requests in the Google+ Community anytime, as well as answering questions from your fellow community members and sharing your own experiences that others can benefit from!

Important ProjCO Equipment Announcement:

If you are leaving a school-based role in DPS, or if you have equipment you no longer believe you will use, we would like to make arrangement to collect it so we can redistribute to your fellow educators in the district. Please email with your name, school, and what equipment is being returned and she will make arrangements to collect it from your classroom or school office.

Project Cam Opener was a personalized professional learning experience for DPS teachers & leaders who used video to engage in growth-based reflective practice with opportunities for collaborative, cross-district online communities and face-to-face supports. This program was officially run & supported for the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 school years.